Kerstin Miller, M.DIV, LMFT

Welcome! I am glad you are reaching out. The decision to start therapy can be a turning point in your life. Whether you are feeling lonely in your intimate relationships or you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or very angry, I am here to offer a safe place for you to share.

When you come for a first appointment, I will listen carefully to you to understand your experience. You may not only experience painful feelings but possibly also harmful thoughts about yourself. You may not like your own behaviors and you are looking for different ways to relate to your loved ones. Often even a first session can offer validation and a new perspective. There is hope for you to get unstuck. You or the two of you.

All thoughts, feelings, and behaviors make sense, and as we continue in following sessions to explore how they can be understood, we can find ways for you to cope with difficult issues in different ways. Therapy is about ending blame or self-blame. Individual Therapy is about finding self- compassion, self-confidence, and a healthy Sense of Self. Couples therapy is about extending that compassion to each other. I would love to support you to become who you want to be as a person and who you want to be in your intimate relationships.

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    I am offering Trappe, PA clinical supervision for therapists working towards licensure and supervision for supervisors in training.