Couples Therapy

My experience working with couples for over twenty years has me convinced that all couples, as much as two spouses might fight angrily or might have distanced and withdrawn from each other, deep down wish to connect. We all, men and women alike, come to a relationship with two desires: we want to feel loved, and we want to feel seen for who we are, and feel accepted for who we are.

So how do couples get in trouble?

It starts with differences and small hurt feelings. We come to a relationship with our strengths and our vulnerabilities. If these first misunderstandings and vulnerable feelings could be talked about with empathy, they would be overcome and even lead to a deeper understanding of each other and more emotional closeness.

But often it is the lack of good communication skills that adds more hurt. Often couples lack the skills to share their thoughts or the skill to listen to each other. This leads to the experience of feeling invalidated, criticized, and spouses end up feeling lonely and disconnected.

I would be glad to support you – in the context of a safe therapeutic environment – to learn to listen to each other with openness, curiosity, and empathy for the two of you to work through your conflicts and to reconnect and thrive.

I support couples:

  • To communicate with patience and attention
  • To feel safe with each other again
  • To learn conflict resolution
  • To increase emotional intimacy

I would be glad to support the two of you to be a strong couple. If you are not married yet, I would be glad to prepare (pre-pair) you with premarital counseling.

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