EMDR Therapy

Depression and anxiety are the most common reasons for men and women to reach out for therapy.  Low-grade depression and low-grade anxiety can interfere with your ability to experience joy.  You might feel you’ get by’ but  it is hard to truly be yourself and in the presence.  Severe depression can be excruciating.  Severe anxiety can feel sheer immobilizing.  You are in emotional pain feeling disconnected from Self and others.  This can effect your health, your self-confidence, and  your relationship to your loved ones.

I am glad you are reaching out for help, as your pain can be treated with different therapeutic modalities: cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, mindfulness, and Emdr.

Emdr is a trauma treatment method that can target symptoms as well as the underlying causes.  Emdr supports the mind to process intense emotions and targets self-destructive cognitions that often accompany depression and anxiety. Self-deprecating beliefs ‘I am incapable’, ‘I am not worthwhile, ‘I am invisible’ can be shifted to a more compassionate approach toward Self by emphasizing strengths, resilience, ability and performance enhancement.

I would be honored to support you on your path towards growth and well-being.

You might feel you ’are getting by’ but it is hard to truly be yourself and in the presence.


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